Web Site Maintenance

Why do I need a maintenance plan?

It's absolutely vital if you want all the works on your site to be performed by professionals. We'll take care of your site maintenance that means installation of new scripts; upgrading and fixing of already installed scripts, implementation of design changes, and analytical report on possible site improvements.

Do you provide FREE hosting?

Web Site Hosting is included for free with every Web Site Maintenance Plan! Your savings for hosting of your web site could be up to $360 a year but if you want or have to keep your hosting provider, we will maintain your web site at its current place.

What is my turnaround time?

Depending on the Maintenance plan you choose, we offer three types of turnaround times: 72 hours for Present Care plan, 48 hours for Essential Care plan, and 24 hours for Primary Care plan. This time includes our response to your request concerning the original project or estimation of time on additional work.

How do I cancel my account?

Cancellation requests for Mechante™ accounts must be received in writing via fax or postal service at Mechante's™ main office one month prior to the next billing cycle. How can I get a discount for the maintenance services? If you pay the annual fee at once, additionally you get TWO months FREE. You save up to $360 additionally!