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Merchant Consulting provides a wide range of value-added Information Technology (IT) Consulting and Customised Software Development Services through our India based consulting company. Our experienced Consultants allow us to deliver high-quality, on-schedule services to our Clients in a cost-effect five and efficient manner. Because of our Staff's determination to continually deliver on-schedule, cost-effective, and quality services, positive long-term Client relationships are developed. These relationships form the base of our business from which we continue to pursue new Clients and projects.

Services performed by Merchant Consulting include: Application systems development and maintenance, IT architecture and engineering, systems consulting and general support services. Merchant Consulting supports all major computer technology platforms (mid-range, client/server and network environments) to implement Clients' projects. Merchant Consulting serves Clients involved in communications, information technology, manufacturing and utilities.

Merchant Consulting, attracts and Retains Exceptional Consultants Merchant Consulting attracts, develops and retains exceptional Consultants by providing leadership and management support through effective and open communication, professional and technical training and education programs, challenging project opportunities with significant Client responsibility, and a competitive compensation and benefits package.

Merchant Consulting attributes its success to the efforts and quality of its Consulting Staff. To this end, management provides responsive technical and professional support, promotes a sense of responsibility, and rewards quality performance through numerous incentive programs and awards.


Merchant Consulting team offers professional services that can be delivered in different types of packages.

Server Administration

Merchant Consulting team offers professional server administration services that can be delivered in different types of packages

App Development

Our app development team is skilled at developing for various devices including phones, tablets and phablets.

AI Based Solutions

Merchant Consulting help our clients achieve their financial and operational goals through improved information technology systems.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) the way we do it, is the art of creating buzz in multiple ways to draw more and more users to a website.


Is maintaining competitive advantage becoming more difficult than before? There's a sea change in the way enterprises.....

Multimedia Design

Our design is the element which showcases our client's expertise in their trade.

Why choose us?

We aspire to maximize our Staff support and development activity, enhance our Client service orientation, assure the delivery of quality services, and grow at a rate above the industry average. Our Philosophy & Values We Care about our Clients, their business mission, and the projects required accomplishing their objectives. We Share knowledge, skills, and information freely among ourselves and with our Clients.At Mechante, individual effort, combined with teamwork and supported by leadership, assures Client satisfaction and professional growth.


We believe in continued growth, from a Company perspective as well as personal growth for each Mechante Staff Member; Client satisfaction, as a result of Mechante's responsiveness and outstanding performance; and being a "Leader", as a Company in the Information Technology Services industry, and as individuals in our daily activities.


We will be the "BEST VALUE" Information Technology Services Company by:
Providing excellent information systems professionals that are motivated to perform Client projects as specified and on schedule; providing leadership/management support to ensure our Consulting Staff exceed our Clients' expectations; and establishing a "Business Partner" relationship with our Clients in which we are the "Preferred Choice" to support their Information Technology solutions.


We are committed to satisfying our Clients' Information Technology needs by providing highly skilled and motivated Information Systems Consultants to assist with the implementation of Client projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hosting with us?
It is purchasing of disk space, bandwidth and related services on Mechante's™ servers permanently connected to the Internet getting a cost effective solution to managing your website. Use our hosting plans to determine which hosting solution fits your needs.

  • A Virtual Domain means having your own domain name ( without having to install expensive server hardware and software. With a Virtual Domain, you utilize our server's storage space, however you are still professionally represented via your own personal Internet web address domain name ( and by your own personal e-mail address domain name (

  • You upload your files to the hosting server using FTP protocol. This protocol allows sending and receiving files via the Internet. To use this protocol you'll need FTP client software to be installed on your computer. If you are subscribed to one of our maintenance plans you can send the files to us and we'll upload them for you.

  • There are many excellent FTP clients. Mechante™ recommends using the following depending upon your operating system:
    - FileZilla
    - Cute FTP
    Macintosh Users - FileZilla

  • There are many different types of File Transfer Protocol (FTP) software available and each one handles connectivity a little differently. However, for the most part, you will always need to know three things in order to login:
    Your server name
    Your login name
    Your password
    Your Log in Name and password is sent to you in your sign-up confirmation email. Your server name will be if you have registered for a domain name. If you are not using a domain name or the domain name has not been transferred yet, use the IP address and path that was assigned to you when the account was created.

  • If you are subscribed to one of our maintenance plans you can send the files to us and we'll upload them for you. If not, we can provide you with the necessary assistance at a fixed rate.